Adina Pintilie

Programme Manager

Adina is a Programme Manager at Ridgeway, specialising in developing and applying open-source information and analysis to research projects with an emphasis on innovation, gender and disinformation. Adina also leads Ridgeway’s diversity, inclusion and equity programme.

Prior to joining Ridgeway, Adina worked on the European Commission’s polling services in Brussels. She has supported numerous Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) projects on pan-European governmental structures, electoral systems, voting behaviours, as well as security and environmental policies.

Adina holds an MA in Applied Security and Strategy from the University of Exeter, where her dissertation focused on strategies used by disparate groups at opposite ends of the ideological spectrum. In her BSc in Politics and International Relations, she focused on big data and social movements.

Areas of expertise and research:

  • Big data and quantitative analysis

  • Natural language processing and machine learning

  • Cyber-security and strategy

  • Innovation in open-source


  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Romanian