Our tailored approach distinguishes Ridgeway.

Rather than applying a standard replicable methodology to be used on every project, we adjust our approach for each engagement.

We draw on extensive practical experience and our work on a wide range of projects over the past decade to find the right approach for each particular task and client.

Whilst our approach to each project is tailored, our research and analysis method is typically conducted in four phases. This applies regardless of whether we are working solely with open sources, client-supplied material, or a combination of both.

The following structure is iterative and cyclical:



This involves opening the collection lens and considering a broad range of sources across different categories and formats.

We may draw on our cultural specialists to develop a linguistic, geographic and culturally-relevant collection strategy.



Depending on the format and origins of the information, researchers work to validate and verify the sources. This involves critical appraisal of sourcing and content – asking simple but important questions of the sources:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • Why?



We work to confirm or disprove the accuracy of the information presented, checking for consistency, quality and value by cross-checking with other sources and further considering the brief.

We will also undertake technical analysis of multimedia sources, and evaluate the accuracy and cultural specificity of non-English language sources.



We place sources in context with each other and set these against their value to project objectives. Our analysts and researchers then apply skilled, critical approaches to evaluate the material and build the analysis. As the analysis deepens, working assessments begin to form. These are tested and reconsidered in light of the introduction of new sources.

Concluding research and analysis findings are developed and provided to the client.

On each engagement, our work is available for full auditing by the client — we are able to explain our methodology and expose the sources, information and data we have drawn on.

We make the dedicated team available to the client to present and to respond to questions, providing them with the opportunity to delve into our conclusions.

Whilst we are open with clients on their engagement and the scope of the brief, our client list, client-supplied material and the analysis and conclusions produced are always protected.

Read our latest case studies to find out how we enabled clients to make informed decisions using our robust approach, or contact us directly to discuss your requirements in further detail.