We realise that every brief and organisation is different.

Our clients are often faced with partial, confused or complex information. Essential details are often lacking or unclear, and detailed interpretation is needed for these details to be of value.

Ridgeway acts to quickly but thoroughly to understand client needs or questions. We then build a tailored approach to find and distil key information that will support effective and robust decisions on those issues.

Ridgeway’s services and capabilities

  • Strategic decision support

  • Language and cultural insights

  • Risk services

  • Research and analysis

We use our expert research capabilities and experience to find, synthesise and analyse relevant information to uncover and clearly explain critical insights.

Collaborating with our clients is essential to understanding their needs and ensuring our work is useful and useable. Confidentiality is important to the organisations we work for, who trust us to work with sensitive, client-supplied and commercial-in-confidence information.

We confidently work in around 40 languages, but our language capabilities go beyond translation. Our linguists can provide nuanced cultural insight and native perspectives, which are often invaluable in exploring the issues at the heart of the brief and nuances around decision-making.


Our team has significant experience building and delivering coaching, training and development programmes for a variety of clients.

We work with our clients to understand their requirements and tailor our training to ensure it suits the needs of participants and business needs.

Examples of recent training Ridgeway has provided include:

  • Open-source landscapes (best practice, current tools and techniques, working with third-party analysis and information mapping software)

  • Risk analysis, mitigation and management

  • Research and analysis

  • Project management

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